April 27, 2011

Goodnight lover

Does your partner think about you every night before he/she goes to bed ? :)

If they have this pillow,they definitely do! :)

One of my clients wanted to gift a little something to her partner and thought of a pillow cover !
The concept behind the art :
Basically, instead of saying  goodnight, they say "See you there" - in the dream world. (Cute,isn't it ?) Thats why,the open door with "there" in it.

The back of the pillow has two giraffes (because she loves giraffes) with a red line ( I stitched that bit,yay me!) connecting each other with "asa nisi masa" written on it. ( Thats something they share from the movie 8 1/2! )

Have a look !

The front

I chose to use Prussian Blue to make it look more like a traditional English House Door,more romantic. :)

The back

Wasn't it cute ? You can make something cute for your partner or best friend ! Its nice to make people smile before going to bed. :)

If you are inspired and you paint a pillow cover too,send me some pictures! :)
I would love to see it !

Until next time,

Lots of loveeeeee :*

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